1. Choose the artwork you like on our Catalog page (Paintings, Prints or Posters)

Click – “Select a modification

You will be automatically forwarded to the “Item description” page

  1. On the “Item description” page please choose:

a)     Size

b)     Stretching type

c)     Quantity

  1. Click “add to shopping cart

Selected item will automatically appear in your shopping cartcart

  1. Add other goods from the shop to your shopping cart

Click – “continue shopping

You will be automatically forwarded to the “Catalog” page – please choose another artwork


  1. On the “shopping cart” page you can:

-        Change quantity of chosen items using “+” and “-

-        Apply coupon or discount – enter your coupon code in the “use the coupon” field, then click “refresh shopping cart” – the price will be recalculated automatically

  1. Please check if all the data re items you want to purchase is correct, then in the window “loading and shipping” choose delivery zone (detailed information about delivery zones please see on “International shipping and return policies” page)
  2. Your order price including shipping price will be indicated in the “Final order” window
  3. Click the “pay online” button

You will be automatically forwarded to the “pay online” page – please fill the “Payment details


  1. Choose payment option:

Pay via PayPal (credit cards payment included)


All transactions are secured by PayPal


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