Welcome to the FatCatArt online shop. FatCatArt or Great Artist’s Mews is a project by the artist Svetlana Petrova and Zarathustra the Cat. Here you can buy their artworks: digital paintings, signed fine art canvas prints and posters from the project’s collection. Each item is produced under the strict supervision of the author and provided with the certificate of authenticity!


All works of the FatCatArt  project are the pieces of digital art by the artist Svetlana Petrova who creates digital integrations, synthesising famous paintings images and her photos of her model and  muse, or better mews, Zarathustra the Cat. All the original pieces are digital multi-layered high-resolution image files, with sizes up to 2 GB each.

Each original image is printed under the strict supervision of the artist and in artist’s technology on the canvas or paper using high quality techniques. Digital paintings involve manual artist’s work over the print on canvas.

At our shop you can purchase following kinds of the artworks by FatCatArt project:

Digital paintings  are the pieces of art made using mixed technique:  an original digital images file is printed on natural linen canvas for painting using “giclee” technique. Then the artist finishes the image on canvas manually, using acrylic texture gels and oil colours. The resulting digital painting looks undistinguishable from the real painting.

Signed fine art canvas prints are the original high-resolution pieces of digital art printed under strict supervision of the artist.They are printed on natural cotton canvas using “giclee” technique, then covered with varnish. Our canvas prints look very close to the real paintings.

Framed miniatures are the same fine art canvas “giclee” prints in small sizes (about 30 x 20 cm), framed in gorgeous baroque, classic of modern style Italian wooden frames. They look like little museum masterpieces.

Posters from the project’s collection are the original high-resolution pieces of digital art printed under strict supervision of the artist on a special matte thick paper 200 g/m using eco-friendly latex inks. Such poster can serve as a high quality and at the same time budget friendly alternative to a fine art canvas print.


The shop is established to support our nonprofit art project: to fund our further investigations in digital art, to organize exhibitions of FatCatArt and cat culture festivals, such as The Cats and the City”.

A portion of proceedings of our shop goes to charity, as we always help homeless cats of St.Petersburg, Russia.
We also donate our artworks for charity exhibitions and auctions to help animals, as well as humans with serious ilnesses.


At the photo: Zarathustra the Cat with a framed print and  2cats-2dollars bills for charity action held together with Hank the Cat for Senate.

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