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Rembrandt, Danae

Rembrandt, Danae

Rembrandt, Danae

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Article: poster
Title:  Rembrandt, Danae
Author: Svetlana Petrova and Zarathustra the Cat (FatCatArt)
For more info about the artwork please read  FatCatArt blog

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Product Description


Technics: latex inkjet digital printing

The original piece of digital art (high resolution image file) is printed on a special matte thick paper 200 g/m using latex printing technology that combines outstanding quality with high environmental standards.

Latex inks are water-based, odourless, they don’t contain any harmful substances. Posters printed using latex inks are highly resistant to various external influences, such as direct sun, temperature extremes, water. Posters by are long live, beautiful and eco-friendly.

High flexibility of the inks prevents cracking and crumbling of the color during the transportation and maintenance of the prints.

You receive poster rolled and packed into a hard tube.

Certificate of authenticity:

All the process of printing is made under supervision of the artist, who guarantees the quality and correct color rendering. stamp and production date on the backside of the poster certify it’s authenticity.

Please choose your poster size:

    • M – 50 x 56,4 sm
    • L - 60 x 67,6 sm

If you are interested in purchasing a print of a custom size, please contact us.

Package: hard tube

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