You can purchase following kinds of Fat Cat Art works in our shop:

Fat Cat Art original pieces are high resolution multi-layered digital images, they are electronic files created by the artist Sveltana Petrova in her computer.
Digital art pieces come to real world in different ways: they can be printed on canvas or on paper, and they can be recreated manually: as paintings, or in mixed media technique: printed on canvas, and then painted.
We sell Fat Cat Art pieces in real world:

Digital Paintings

Digital paintings are mixed media artworks that combine printing and painting.

Original digital pieces are printed on natural canvas as used for paintings. Then the artist finishes them manually with a brush, applying texture gels and oil colours, including very rare historical pigments made from precious stones such as Lapis Lazuli (for example, it is a very important colour in Vermeer’s ‘Kitchen Maid’). Thus resulting work look like a real historical painting, even in texture and colour, and it seems that a master of the past really painted Zarathustra the cat in it.

Digital paintings need a lot of time and skilful handwork to be produced. Brush strokes of the artist make them unique pieces of art. Due to the amount of hand work and expensive materials, prices for digital paintings are rather high.

Authenticity of a FatCatArt digital painting is certified by :

Two signatures :

  • Electronic signature and the date of the last update of the original piece electronic file. It is a part of an image file and is printed along with the image. The date indicates a version of the piece of art, which is important for the art collectors.
  • Hand signature of the artist painted on canvas next to printed electronic signature.

A special document – a certificate of authenticity, which is the proof of Svetlana Petrova’s authorship of the work.

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Fine Art Canvas Prints

Original digital pieces are printed on natural cotton canvas in “giclee” technique, with natural pigments archival ink. Then prints are covered with varnish. The strict supervision of the artist over printing process is a guarantee of their quality.

Fine art canvas prints look very close to real paintings, but their prices are affordable for everybody.

Authenticity of a FatCatArt canvas print is certified by:

Two signatures:

  • Electronic signature and the date of the last update of the file. It is a part of an image file and is printed along with the image.
  • Hand signature of the artist and the date of printing sat the back of a canvas.


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Original digital pieces are printed on a special matte 200 g/m thick paper using latex ink. Made.under the artist’s supervision our posters are true reproductions of original art, they are long live, beautiful and eco-friendly.

A poster is a a high quality and at the same time budget friendly alternative to a canvas fine art print.

Authenticity of a FatCatArt poster is certified by:

- FatCatArt stamp at the back of a poster, alongside with a printing date.


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Fashion clothes collection: apparel and accessories with Fat Cat Art prints
Various wear: sweatshirts, tops, skirts, scarves etc. in limited editions
FatCatArt prints and clothing created by Svetlana Petrova, who began her way in art as fashion designer


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If you didn’t find in our shop the Fat Cat Art image you like, you can contact us, and we’ll make it for you as a canvas print or as a poster.


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